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Why Has BAT Token Exploded Despite Market Consolidation? Quick Overview

The past week spilled a lot of blood on the trading charts. With every crypto marked in red, the prodigy token is on the path to recourse. We are talking about the BAT or Basic Attention Token. BAT is the native token of the Brave Browser that blocks ads and rewards viewers with BAT tokens for watching ads. In this way, BAT is helping in monetizing the user data and activities they do on browsers.  

Why are People Buying the BAT Token?

In the last few weeks ever since thanksgiving, BAT has outperformed its peers. The token has swung from $1 to $1.86 in just a few days. Voicing on social media like Twitter and Telegram appeared to be the main reason. Even the meme crowd appears enchanted by the BAT token. All those Dogecoin enthusiasts sync in deep with the BAT token. They are eager to buy the dip and make good returns. 

On top of this, the news that Brave will work with Solana Labs has spread optimism about the token. As users want a fast browser with a top speed. Using the Solano blockchain, Brave will pave the way for the same. At the same time, fast transactions will allow more crowds to flock to the Brave browser. This would lead to mass demand for BAT tokens driving its prices. It is a simple game of maths: demand & supply. As a result, people want to hoard as much BAT as they can. 

Why is BAT a Good Investment?

Massive Following 

In the crypto space, tokens with popularity and use-cases dominate the market. BAT is the perfect blend of both. The token is quite popular in the US, UK, and Canada. These regions are the heart of marketing. On the BAT ecosystem, more than 2500 campaigns are live at the time of writing. With more than 30 million active users and over 368,000 unique wallets, BAT is certain to explode.

Practical use-case

In the crowd of over 13,000 cryptocurrencies live at the moment, only a few stand battle-tested. Bitcoin is the leader of them all, BAT follows the lead. It is among the top 100 cryptocurrencies with a strong use case. With a track record to revolutionize the advertising sector, BAT has the potential to become the next moonshot. So far it has 30 million active users and over 100 million downloads.  

Collaborations and Partnerships 

BAT is riding high on collaborations and partnerships. At present, BAT is tied up with eToro, Nexo, Purple, Upland, and BlockFi. These are some of the big names in the industry. Partnership with them builds a strong reputation. As a result, BAT could see a significant upswing in its prices. 


Presently users want to have full control over their data. With the help of the Brave browser, they can get that while using the Internet. Such a solution is revolutionary in its own way. As a result, the buying spree has gone rampant around the BAT token. 

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Why Has BAT Token Exploded Despite Market Consolidation? Quick Overview  
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