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Breaking News – You Can Now Buy Adidas NFT! Here’s what to Know

The giant multinational company Adidas officially enters the metaverse on the 17th of December, 2021. There were many speculations about big companies rushing to establish themselves in a decentralized metaverse. This of course happened after Facebook changed its holding name to META. Now that you can Buy Adidas NFTs, what should you specifically know?

Adidas officially enters the Metaverse

Addidas dropped the news a few hours ago and announced their partnership with the NFT veterans Bored Ape YC, Gmoney, and the team behind the PUNKS comic. Those NFTs will be under the “Into the Metaverse” collection. Owners of those NFTs will have exclusive access to various Adidas Originals experiences and products.

This is a great way to attract the younger generation, and specifically, the computer nerds as most NFT enthusiasts are somewhat tech-savvy.

How to Buy Adidas NFT?

Adidas NFTs are officially listed on OpenSea. They sell for 0.2 ETH. With a current ETH price of around USD 4,000, each NFT would amount to around USD 800.

On the other hand, it looks like many haters started to bash Adidas for this “silly move”. Adidas is not the only company that is looking for different ways to dip its toes in the blockchain world. Many other companies did, but the harsh criticism is always there when there’s a new trend. Will Adidas keep its promise and expand further? Or will this be a silly stunt?

Adidas NFT
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Breaking News – You Can Now Buy Adidas NFT! Here’s what to Know  
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