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Best Remote Jobs in the Crypto Field for 2022

Remote jobs are employment opportunities that do not require an employee to work from an office. Most of these jobs need you to be in an area where you can readily be available for physical meetings and any form of physical interaction. It is also important to note that some allow workers to do both anytime. The idea behind remote work is to afford employees the convenience of carrying out their organizations’ duties. Since the start of the Covid-19 global pandemic in 2020, the popularity of remote jobs has continued to be high. This was necessary, as the global pandemic limited movements globally. However, it appears that the phenomenon will not stop, as remote job opportunities continue to be abundant globally. Let’s dive deep into which are the best crypto remote jobs in 2022.

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Remote Jobs In The Crypto Field

The rapid growth of cryptocurrency has continued to be on an upward trajectory. This outlines the importance of this space globally. Every other global sector has had to embrace remote work culture. The cryptocurrency space is not left behind, despite its infancy. According to a recent report, cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs listings skyrocketed by more than 120% in 2021. The majority of these job opportunities are fully remote. Globally, the number of Blockchain developers has increased. This is because the need for technology continues to rise in the ecosystem. The demand for Non-tech experts has also witnessed a massive leap in the last two years. Writers, system analysts, business development managers, and financial experts have continued to be in demand.

Where To Find Crypto Remote Jobs

Like every other remote job, cryptocurrency-related remote jobs are available online. The applicant will need to go online and search for the job opportunity that interests them. However, listed below are the three best places remote job seekers have patronized for remote jobs in the last 12months.

(i) Cryptocurrencyjobs.Co

Since its inception in 2017, this website has assisted over 7,000 applicants in over 225 countries. In this regard, the majority have landed remote and office Blockchain jobs. With a community of more than 100,000 users, cryptocurrency jobs have continued to build a community where applicants can build a career in the space. The platform allows potential employers who post jobs to meet employees who search for work. The platform is one of the best places for applicants seeking remote opportunities in crypto. This is because the world continues to tend towards that direction.

(ii) CryptoJobsList.Com boasts as the number one website to find crypto remote jobs globally. Cryptojobslist remains one of the go-to areas for job applicants seeking remote opportunities. This website has built a community of over 65,000 applicants and has helped 1591 companies with talents. Crypto and Blockchain giants like OKEx, Huobi, and Circle are some of the top names that have recruited talents from the website. At the time of writing, it boasts about 4400 remote jobs. The majority of these are available for experienced and inexperienced job applicants globally.

(iii) Crypto.Jobs

This website is one of the top destinations for crypto remote job seekers. The website expects employers to buy specific subscriptions, which will dictate how many employees their adverts could reach. The website is quite popular amongst African and Asian crypto job applicants. At the time of writing, it currently boasts more than 3,000 crypto-related remote job opportunities on its website, which freelancers could take advantage of.

The three websites listed above are some of the best places to get crypto remote jobs. It is worthy to note that there are still a few more places for job seekers to explore. Websites like LinkedIn, CryptoRecruit,, and Blocktribe are places where freelancers should check if exploring a career in Crypto and Blockchain excites them.

Top Remote Crypto & Blockchain Jobs

Listed below are some of the top remote jobs rampant amongst Blockchain enthusiasts, either building or seeking to develop a career in the Cryptocurrency space.

(i) Crypto Writers

Crypto content writing entails giving out persuasive and informative write-ups aimed at equipping enthusiasts with information. According to many analysts, crypto writers are one of the most influential propagators of the gospel. These skilled technocrats are expected to educate potential and existing crypto users with the latest information. Depending on where you work, Crypto writers are one of the biggest earners in the Crypto freelancing space. Their job is primarily remote, and anyone looking to bag a top freelancing job in the Crypto space should consider being a content writer.

(ii) Software Engineers & Developers

Blockchain Engineers/Developers are individuals tasked with building and developing in the Blockchain space. According to CNBC, there has continued to be an increasing need for these skilled employees in the space. Most of the jobs in this field are primarily remote-based. They can be efficiently executed from any part of the world. According to a report by CNBC, Blockchain/Crypto developers and engineers mostly earn above $100K annually. Fortunately, there is a growing need for their services. This is because the crypto space continues to grow, and individuals needing crypto remote jobs are expected to leverage this growth.

(iii) Business Development Executives and Marketers

The global demand for growth specialists remains high, and the crypto space is not exempted. Cryptocurrency marketing involves building a community of enthusiasts interested in your products and services. In the same vein, Digital marketing continues to be rampant these days. Social channels and content marketing play a significant role in the crypto community. However, the demand for these specialists continues to be high. They play a significant role in the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The majority of the experts in this sector can work remotely. Individuals looking to explore remote jobs in the cryptocurrency space should consider this terrain.


Working remotely is the dream and aspiration of many experts globally. However, the cryptocurrency space is not behind, as it affords experts worldwide abundant opportunities to work remotely. If one is interested in working remotely in the Blockchain space, websites like and Blocktribe are a few of the best places to look. Meanwhile, Crypto tech, Crypto writing, and Marketing remain the best career jobs offering tremendous remote opportunities for individuals seeking a career off the Blockchain space.

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Best Remote Jobs in the Crypto Field for 2022  
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