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El Salvador president says two more countries will adopt Bitcoin

El Salvador president says two more countries will adopt Bitcoin 18

Nayib Bukele shared his prediction on the crypto industry in 2022. And claimed that two more countries will adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. 

The whole world knows very well how El Salvador created history by adopting Bitcoin as legal tender. On 7 September, El Salvador officially adopted Bitcoin as Currency under laws. After The adoption of bitcoin, El Salvador citizens saw a huge new initiative of the government and also new development works like hospitals, schools, Volcano power plant, Bitcoin City etc.

On 2 January, Nayib Bukele- president of El Salvador took to Twitter and shared his prediction of 2022. Through the prediction, Nayib confirmed that the Bitcoin price will hit $100k. 

Through the tweet, Nayib wrote that two other countries will adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. And also Bitcoin will be an influential factor in the elections in the US. And further added that Bitcoin city & Bitcoin bond adoption & development will surge. 

However, El Salvador is moving toward a better growth experience but still, many things are under research and proper investigation to make the adoption better.

Recently, a person from El Salvador started a tweet thread and through the tweet, many people claimed that they are facing huge technical issues with the official Bitcoin wallet of El Salvador. The majority of the people said that they are not able to see their exact balance and also balance is disappearing from their wallets. 

However, the majority of the automatic transactions were in small amounts and few of them were associated with big transactions. So we can say that hacking types issues were not part of these queries of people. 

But as we know that Chivo wallet is only the way to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, so here it is fully the responsibility of the El Salvador government to work against such problems as soon as possible. 

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El Salvador president says two more countries will adopt Bitcoin

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