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Gibraltar to Become World’s First Crypto Hub!

Gibraltar to Become World’s First Crypto Hub!

  • Valereum blockchain firm bids to buy Gibraltar Stock Exchange.
  • Firm’s goal to merge crypto and fiat together.
  • If the plan succeeds, Gibraltar will become the world’s first crypto hub.

The country of Gibraltar which comes under the British Overseas Territory is located in the southernmost tip of Spain. Most of the landscape of Gibraltar is actually dominated by the huge ‘Gibraltar Rock’. Being a small country with a population of approximately 32,000 people, the country is at present vastly expanding into global attributes. 

The hot news circulating is that Valereum, a global blockchain firm based on Gibraltar, plans on acquiring the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX). Amidst the new year, it seems Valereum will be buying more than 80% of GSX. In case of such an event, then the Gibraltar Rock will become the ‘Blockchain Rock’, transforming into the world’s first crypto hub.

World’s First Crypto Hub

The Valereum is actually a completely blockchain based firm solely concentrating in merging between the cryptocurrency and the live fiat currencies together. Besides, the Valereum blockchain prompts to establish a bridge between the crypto and the fiat currencies for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) too. 

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In such terms, Valereum has signed a proposal to buy 80% of the GSX. And so if the proposal passes through, then Valereum will establish a seamless network in merging both the fiat along with the cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH) and much more. 

Moreover, this act will catapult Gibraltar into becoming the world’s first country to establish direct fiat and crypto integration. This indeed will make Gibraltar world’s first cryptocurrency hub ever. 

With such plans, Gibraltar reinvents it’s crypto regulations, more vividly and practically. These are in terms for the new merging to take place without any flaws. 

The Minister’s Views

Accordingly, the Minister of Digital and Financial services, Albert Isola terms that all the crypto regulations are perfectly sculpted such that no one can even think of indulging in any sorts of crypto crimes in the country. 

Besides, Isola states that the country previously underwent the same scenario as now, in regards with the taxes. About 20 years before, Gibraltar was actually tax free and certain measures were then put to implement taxes with perfect regulations. Similarly, the current condition of leaglising crypto with proper regulations and policies as mainstream will enable the same for the betterment of the nation, states Isola. 

In addition, Isola puts out that with the current trend with the digital era, adopting crypto and other digital assets is vital for the development of the nation throughout the future.  

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Gibraltar to Become World’s First Crypto Hub!


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