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Chivo Wallet Funds of $96K Missing-El Salvadorans Outrage!

Chivo Wallet Funds of $96K Missing-El Salvadorans Outrage!

  • Complaints regarding holdings missing from the Government issued Chivo wallets.
  • More than $96,000 estimated to be missing.
  • President of El-Salvador Nayib Bukele remains optimistic on his BTC revolution.

The more the President of El-Salvador, Nayib Bukele tries to mainstream the Bitcoin (BTC), the more hurdles he faces obviously. It’s well known that many citizens of El-Salvador did not welcome the BTC legal tender. Many took to the street to protest. 

Despite such drastic measures, the President, Nayib Bukele somehow made it happen, and so El-Salvador became the world’s first country to make BTC as legal tender next to the U.S dollar. The law was first proposed in the month of June and as the ruling party, the president Nayib Bukele managed to pass the law and BTC as legal tender for the country came into effect from September 7th, 2021. 

Yet, still people continue their protest against the law being enforced. Also, many of the official government wallet, the Chivo wallet ATMs were even burnt in many places. 

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The Missing Funds Outrage

The Chivo wallet, is the official crypto wallet brought out by the Government of El-Salvador, as they have made the BTC as legal tender. Though many Salvadorans are still opposing the law, things have gotten even worse for the past two weeks. 

Since the mid of December, numerous complaints have been received by many Chivo wallet users, terming that their funds have disappeared. Many took onto social media in regards to this, as no proper answers were given. Salvadorans stormed to twitter, posting tweets and thrashing the government.  

Accordingly, so far it’s estimated that the complaints have been received from about 50 chivo wallet users. Also, their funds lost so far approximates to about more than $96,000. The disappearance transactions made ranges from low as $60 to $1000 and more. 

Moreover, when contacting the customer service, none of them helped and all the calls made were completely useless, as stated by the victims. Yet, so far no proper answers were given from the government’s end and people began to burst out in rage! True to the fact, there are about more than 3 million chivo wallet users overall.

On the other hand, the President Nayib Bukele remains silent regarding the issues. Indeed he’s currently focused and obsessed on his new ‘Bitcoin City’ developments and on crypto mining using the geothermal energy from the country’s volcanoes. 

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Chivo Wallet Funds of $96K Missing-El Salvadorans Outrage!


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